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Marson Rivets

Klik Fast® Specialty Rivets

Closed-End Rivet (Aluminum Rivet/Steel Mandrel ~ All Aluminum ~ All Stainless)

  • Moisture-resistant due to tight seal
  • Greater shear and tensile strength
  • Mandrel is retained 100% of time

Multi-Grip Rivet (Aluminum Rivet /Steel Mandrel ~ Large Flange Aluminum Rivet/Steel Mandrel

  • 120 degree countersunk Aluminum Rivet/Steel Mandrel)
  • Extended grip range capacity
  • Reduces inventory (fewer sizes required)
  • Use as a standard open-end rivet
  • No special tools required

Klik-Lock Structual Rivet™

  • Equivalent to: Monobolt®, Magna-Lok®, Tigerbolt®, Inter-Lock®, Ultra-Grip®, Mega-Grip® (click here for Klik-Lock Structual Rivet cross over chart)
  • NO Special Nosepiece Required
  • Increase Shear & Tensile
  • Vibration Proof
  • 360° Internal Locking Feature Watertight Seal
  • Comform To IFI-134

Q-Lok Rivet

  • Retained mandrel increases shear and tensile strength
  • Use in high vibration applications
  • Mandrel breaks flush when used used in mid-grip range
  • Moisture-resistant due to tight seal
  • Up to 3/16" diameter
  • Use in place of other structural rivets in many applications

T-Rivets / Klik-Split

  • High Clamp Up
  • High shear strength
  • Creates a wide bearing surface

Special Application Rivets

  • Small flange rivet used primarily for fastening decorative materials on boats, automobiles, trucks & other motor vehicles
  • Best suited to applications where a discreet, secure installation of non-critical components is needed

Plastic Rivets

  • Precision-molded, all nylon
  • Secure lock prevents, pull-out
  • For fastening plastic to plastic, plastic to metal or fiberglass to fiberglass

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