J.O. King Incorporated

ETC Molex

J.O. King offers a wide variety of connector components and hardware from Molex for Printed Circuit Boards or other electronic components.

J.O. King provides connection solutions from Molex that connect Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board, Backplane, Memory Cards, Sockets, Edge Card Connectors, Memory Modules, Flat Flex/Cable , Solderless Terminals, Fiber Optics, Modular Plugs/Jacks, Shielded I/O, RF/Microwave/Coax, Circular Industrial, Switch Products, Application Tooling, Cable Assemblies, Structured Cabling, Thermal/Acoustic Products and Terminal Blocks.

For superior quality connector solutions Molex sets the standard.

Please contact your J.O. King sales person to determine which solution is best for your application.

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